The Whole Human 

Health is not linear. The human system is complex, living in a complex world. Our health builds and adjusts as we grow and experience the world. It is an integrated system of the mind, body and spirit.  That is the Whole Human that we know.


We hear about all the ways to heal, maintain and optimize our health in the media and pop culture. But what do we really know about our health?  How do we decipher scientifically valid therapies from snake oil cures?


The Whole Human Foundation is a British Columbia Non-Profit Organization aims to provide answers to such questions above through accessible evidence-based knowledge complemented by non-traditional healing experience that breaks down misconceptions and myths and informs, educates and, with the goal, to ultimately heal our community of whole humans. 

Our core values are to share evidence-based insights and experiences that empower people to better navigate their personal health. We respect the diversity of human experience and believe in cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approaches to health problem-solving and as such, aim to create opportunities to exchange knowledge in ways that are accessible & inclusive.

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