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We believe that the current healthcare system can be exponentially better using information and technologies that already exist. The gap between what’s out there and what is accessible is just too far. Someone needs to empower the public with the relevant healthcare information so they can make proactive choices for their health. 

That is where Whole Human Foundation comes in. We are experts in PR, content creation and strategic positioning. 


The Team

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Michelle Martin Director/Consultant

Michelle has been leading and advising start-up innovation companies and large corporations for more than a decade. 

Experienced in the commercialization of leading edge technology in complex multi-stakeholder environments, she is committed to scaling innovation that makes the world a happier and healthier place.

Yoga, nature, and adventure are big parts of her lifestyle. She often acts as a catalyst to leaders recognizing new potential in themselves or their team, and is a frequent speaker at events for entrepreneurs.


Pam Lincez, PhD executive director

For the past decade, Pam has researched ways to heal chronic disease and empower people to live with vitality. 

With expertise in biotech, the microbiome, immune systems and infectious disease, Pam has a penchant for making complex scientific findings publicly accessible - which speaks to her passion for improving scientific literacy across society.

Pam’s creative life-force shines as a guest professor at universities from Vancouver to New York. At home on the West Coast, she can be found out in the mountains and ocean.

Jaime Rose Moore

Jaime moore consultant

From traveling the globe in advance of President Barack Obama, to passing favorable regulations for Uber and Lyft across 18 cities and six states, Jaime brings a unique perspective to both the board room and the backyard BBQ.

She is recognized as an expert in narrative development, visual communication management and is known for her deep relationships with local and national media in the United States.

Jaime's passion for wellness, adventure and self care is contagious.  


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